How to recover deleted files from Dropbox

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  1. Afzal says:

    I’m looking for this, thanku for the trick. BTW Can I restore a file deleted more than 30 days ago?

  2. Bryan says:

    Thanks Vivek. Is there any way to restore an entire folder rather than restore each file individually?

  3. ricky says:

    The files I recenty deleted was a large file that can be only seen through time line how do I recover the file

  4. Bob Cusp says:

    Hi, I permanentely delete files today from my Drop Box, how can I recover then ?

  5. ndale says:

    i lost my office install 40 days ago is there no way i can recove it

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How to recover deleted files from Dropbox

by Vivek Nath.R time to read: 1 min