Complete list of Windows 8 keyboard Shortcuts

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  1. usama says:

    Awsm tips man. Need these shortcuts. Cheers!

  2. Hi Vivek,this is a long list of shortcuts but very useful no doubt. However, many of us still use the old form of Windows and would definitely love to see the Start menu. If and when I decide to go for a touch-screen device then might I install Windows 8. But hats off to you for researching and providing such a wonderful post.

    • Hey Matt,
      Yes, here is a long list bookmark it for future reference. BTW you can get old start menu in Windows 8 by installing some 3rd party applications like Pokki, Stardock or ViStart. Hope this will help you.

  3. This is just awsm n i liked it.
    But there would be the option for downloading this or just the picture of these shortcuts then it will be great and everybody will be benefited…
    Lastly thanx very much for providing all these shortcuts.

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Complete list of Windows 8 keyboard Shortcuts

by Vivek Nath.R time to read: 3 min