The Power of Social Media for SEO

With the use of social media showing no sign of slowing down, it’s no surprise that studies and research are showing that social sharing is now the number one driver for search engine optimization and search engine rankings. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! Search are constantly monitoring the social activity for each site, and using this to determine how high they should be ranked. In other words, the more social you are, the higher you will rank in search engine results. So, how do you use social media in order to help improve your SEO? We’ve put together three great tips.

The Power of Social Media for SEO

Be More Social

Yes, we’re stating the obvious, but in order to make your social media work for SEO, you should ensure you are actively posting on all of your social media accounts regularly. Simply having a Facebook or Twitter page won’t work if you haven’t posted any updates on it for the past few months. You should look to update your social media accounts each day, multiple times a day if possible.

The more social media platforms that you use, the better – so if you’re just using Twitter and Facebook, why not start using Pinterest, Instagram and even Snapchat as well. Having a schedule for your social media updates is also important, as you will want to ensure that you time updates when the maximum number of people are online to see them. Research has found that the best times to do this are after lunch and in the evening, when the majority of people are free to check social media. You could also use tracking plugins and tools to see when your followers are mainly online and adjust your update times accordingly.

Share Fresh Content

Churning out boring and repetitive content will not improve your SEO ranking, contrary to popular belief. When creating content to share on your social media accounts, you’re much more likely to be favored by search engines if it is content that is fresh, original, interesting and popular amongst your followers. When creating content, you should always aim it at the reader and not at the search engine. If you connect with your audience and share relevant information, you have a much better chance of moving up the rankings.

Unique Sharing Options

Every single site on the internet has the typical social sharing buttons, and although it’s important to have them on your site they are no longer much use to SEO. Instead, you will need to be more inventive and also show search engines such as Google that you are thinking about the needs of your customers. One example of a way to do this is to offer promotional codes or discounts on your social channels which customers are entitled to once they have joined your community. This ensures that customers take a genuine interest and will help you to get more organic shares as well as generate more traffic to your site.

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