Must-have Apps to get the Best out of your Smartphone

When it comes to our smartphones we can almost do it all, the days of just ringing and texting people are long gone, instead we use our phones for all sorts, from checking local maps to ordering our shopping. A lot of that is down to the wide range of apps that are available, which benefit us in many ways and allow us to keep up to date with all the latest technological developments around. Here we will look at some of the best apps.

Social Media – an obvious one, whether that is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever. We all have them on our phones and it seems as though we can’t live without them. Many of us interact with friends via social media and it is an instant source for breaking news. A must-have, even if some of you may be guilty of using it a tad too much.

WhatsApp – the easy way to speak to friends. No text message costs, you can talk for as long as you wish, an easy way to interact with people with the option to call there as well.

Antivirus – as mentioned we are using our phones more than ever, particularly the internet where you may make banking transactions or shopping purchases. If you do it is essential you treat the phone like you would a laptop and have the latest antivirus installed.

YouTube – the second most downloaded app of 2015 with around 97 million unique users, music, videos or just browsing, YouTube can keep you entertained for hours.

Coral Casino – we all want to play games, it can be fun and relaxing and what better way than having a look at the online slots or poker tables. Coral’s preview some of the games they have here on their live casino, something will take your fancy to keep you entertained.


Google Maps – you can keep the A to Z in the boot, Google maps will pick up where you are and show you where you are and how to get to your destination. Another simple but effective app that may come in handy one day.

Snapseed – we are all after the perfect photo, whether it is a selfie or of a beautiful setting and this app helps you refine the image to make it perfect thanks to its many editing tools.

Spotify – the app to get for music fans. Download a range of tunes and listen to them anytime, anywhere. Whether it is to start the party or to try and cheer you up, Spotify will do the trick.

Candy Crush Saga – the company behind this game was sold for $5.9bn highlighting how popular this is. Another easy way to pass time and enjoy yourself with a fun game.

Moves – The straightforward way to keep track of your fitness. It keeps account of how many minutes, miles or steps you have done so you can monitor your progress.

The range of app available show how far our smartphones have developed and these apps will allow you to maximise the purpose of your phone, with the benefits of these apps coming in many forms.

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