Microsoft Keyboard Shortcuts for Power Users

Microsoft just(31 July 2012)  launched their new mail service It’s a revolutionary, revamped and modern mail service from Microsoft and also a double punch for major rival Google. Outlook was designed from the scratch, instead of just providing an upgrade to the existing Hotmail service. At first glance, its minimal and attractive service and there is no ads. Primarily focused on Email content.

new outlook

Like other email services, Outlook is comes with some handy keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate between mails and perform other actions. No doubt, Keyboard shortcuts will improve overall mail experience. Not everyone uses shortcut keys to save time, but some people find them easier to use than a mouse, especially when spending long stretches of time at the computer.

In outlook you can enable and disable keyboard shortcuts and you can use shortcut keys of Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. Yay that’s a great advantage for the users migrating from Gmail to Outlook. Lets see how to achieve this.

[box type=”info” size=”medium” style=”rounded”]Microsoft Keyboard Shortcuts[/box]

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  • Sign in to your account
  • Go to Settings by clicking gear icon in top right(see screenshot) Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Now you can see a list of options, from the list select Keyboard Shortcuts under Customizing Outlook label.
  • By default Outlook shortcuts are enabled and you can choose Gmail or Yahoo mail shortcuts.

[box type=”info” size=”medium” style=”rounded”]List of Keyboard Shortcuts[/box]


Shortcut Keys

Delete a Message


Create a new message


Send a Message


Open a Message


Print a Message


Reply to Message


Reply all to a message


Forward a message


Save a draft message


Flag a message for follow up


Categorize a message


Mark a message as junk


Mark a message as read


Mark a message as unread


Move to a folder


Open the next message


Open the previous message


Close a message


Search your email messages


Check spelling


Select all

S then A

Deselect all

S then N

Go to the inbox

F then I

Go to your Drafts folder

F then D

Go to your Sent folder

F then S

Hope you will enjoy using this new email service! 🙂 Do share your views.

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  1. Vivek says:

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  2. Nizam says:

    These shortcuts are really useful keyboard shortcuts and makes the work a lot easier. Thanks Vivek 🙂

  3. oh wow very useful shortcuts. Although I don’t use email much to send mails. But still this post is useful.
    Thanks for sharing.

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