How To Make Sure That You Get High Scores In JEE?

JEE, Joint Entrance Exam is a competitive exam which students take after they have appeared for 12th or equivalent qualifying exam. It is important as the scores in this exam are necessary for getting admissions in good engineering colleges. Especially of you want to get admission in prestigious NIT and IIT, you need to be amongst the top scorers.No one can tell you that you will be the top scorer if you follow some particular tips or ideas, but there are some ways which will ensure that you will get good scores. As these ideas involve hard work, dedication and sincerity towards studies, you will definitely be successful in your mission about JEE.

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  • Make sure that you are ready to study for long periods of time when your friends and family are enjoying.
  • To get an edge over other candidates, it is better if you start preparing for JEE after you appear for your 10th
  • Knowing your syllabus completely is necessary as you need to understand all the important concepts. JEE advanced exam tests your knowledge of the subjects and your level of understanding.
  • You need to identify the areas where you are weak and spend extra time so that you can improve in those subjects.
  • For improvement, practice and revision is very important. You need to revise the topics taught to you at the end of the day so that you will be able to understand them better and remember them.
  • Choosing the necessary study material is also very important. In addition to the textbooks prescribed by the NCERT, you can study other international textbooks by eminent authors which will help you understand a subject better. Using various question banks and other study material is also useful for taking mock exams.
  • It is important that you are aware of the paper pattern and are practicing with the question banks. You can also solve the papers of previous years so that you will get a fair idea about your capacity to solve the paper in the given duration.
  • Time management is very important as you will have to study for your college exams and continue preparing for JEE. You can prepare a timetable for your studies and follow it so that you are able to give equal attention to both the exams, and go through JEE details.
  • You can also join a JEE coaching class which will help you in your preparation.
  • Even if you are learning at college and coaching class, it is very important to study on your own for some time every day.Self-study is an important aspect which you cannot afford to ignore.
  • Keep yourself away from all the distractions like social media and also from those friends who do not understand your dedication towards study. You can form a group of like-minded friends who can motivate you when you are tired or bored of studying.
  • Keeping away from distraction does not mean that you are studying continuously without any break. Taking breaks between your study sessions is necessary as these breaks will refresh you and you can study better. You can develop a hobby which will help you relax.
  • With all these tips on how to study, you also need to pay attention to your health. Being fit and healthy is important and therefore you need to have a nutritious diet, healthy sleep pattern and some exercise which will keep you fit.

 If you follow all the above tips, you are sure to score high in JEE exam.These are no magic tips but are ways to improve your lifestyle and overall health so that you are able to concentrate on your studies. Healthy mind stays in a healthy body and therefore it is important to pay attention to both of them to succeed in any exam.

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