The Convenient Salesforce Import Users Tools

Are you looking for a solution for transferring data to Salesforce? A number of Salesforce import users tools are available which can help you in this direction. Without hassles it can be done easily and it is important for you to know well about them. This will help in increasing efficiency to your business.

Salesforce import users tools – Cloud data loader

Cloud data loader is one of the most popular Salesforce import users tools and it is available at the basic level for free. There is a license required if you want to take advanced functionality. The integration is easy with Salesforce and this import tool can be used for a number of things. These include importing data import for and data import for databases and flat files. Automation of the import process can be done and using this tool your importing tasks can be scheduled. This helps in avoiding the need to set up the import process every time and this is a very convenient tool.


LexiLoader is also named as ApexDataLoader and is an independent import tool for Salesforce. It is used by the Apex Data loader for data transfer. LexiLoader is used not for just importing the data but also for creating or updating data for a Salesforce organization.

You can consider tool also for Salesforce import users functionality. This is an online tool and is used for importing data just not into Salesforce but also to other cloud based apps. There are a number of things which can be done when it comes to Salesforce. The features related to this are-

  • It works with any edition of Salesforce including group edition.
  • It can import all the standard CRM and custom objects into Salesforce
  • The tool is not free but it comes with a money back guarantee.
  • It does not require any technical skills on your part.
  • It is a very fast and automated tool.

Import Wizard

This is another important tool for Salesforce import users. But you need to manipulate the data outside the tool before you start importing it into Salesforce. The tool is quite user friendly and is a free application. The elements which can be used for importing are custom object, records, leads, contact, account and solution records.

This is another good tool for data import into Salesforce. You can access online and no download required for importing of data into Salesforce instance. At the basic level this application costs nothing and the application is simple to use. Unlimited amounts of data can be transferred using this import tool. After the first time you use the data, allows you to automate it.

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