3 Apps To Help You Meditate

The daily grind can easily get into our head and rob it of its peace and sense of calmness. As our lives become increasingly fast paced and we seldom have time to rest, stress starts building inside of us. The result? Short tempers, more fights and absolutely no good night’s sleep. Meditation, therefore, is of the utmost importance in today’s scenario. Meditation will calm all your senses down and give you that much needed sense of serenity. Living in the moment in a completely relaxed state is what we can achieve through regular meditation. Not surprisingly, like everything else these days, there’s an app for that. Check out these apps that will help you meditate daily and reap the multiple benefits of the act:

  • Buddhify 2



The app is designed especially for people who have been introduced to the benefits of meditation and want to try it but simply don’t have the time. Resonates with you, doesn’t it? Download the app and check out the many features that give you a chance to meditate while you’re carrying out different activities. There’s a setting for when you’re trying to sleep. Another one helps you meditate while you’re at the park. Yet another wil have you meditating while you exercise! It’s interface is magically eye catching and eye soothing at the same time. A rainbow coloured dial and a solo setting make it al the more fun to use.  Just make sure you have an internet connection at all times by recharging with Paytm Discount coupons present on CashKaro so you never run out of data to run the app.


  • Stop, Breathe and Think



This one works best for those who have no idea what meditation means and have no clue as to where it begins. If you are a complete meditation rookie, download the app and see how simply and smoothly you learn everything there is to learn about meditating. When you first download it, you will come across a basics page which will explain the reason why you should meditate and how it helps your mind and body. After learning those facts, you can go ahead and check out all the meditation modes. You can “Check-in” the kind of mood you’re in and the app will suggest which mode you should meditate to. It’s as simple as that. There is also a progress page that keeps a track of your weekly meditation regime.


  • Smiling Minds



It’s not just the adults. With the amount of pressure kids go through at schools and colleges, it is not surprising that they can be battling stress too. Make sure you save your kids from various stress triggers like anxiety, insecurity and many other negative feelings that are commonly perpetrated at school. Mindfulness in children can be inculcated quite easily with their mind’s still developing. Introduce your child to this amazingly fun to use meditation app that will help them relax and let go of the negativity. The developers of this easy to use app have included meditation programs for 3 age groups in their youth so the app can decipher the kind of stress the child might go through and the amount of meditation he will need to do to overcome it.  You can make sure the app is up and running by recharging your data pack using Mobikwik coupons present on CashKaro. This will ensure complete relaxation and increased savings.  


Achieving the Zen isn’t difficult. Just make sure you take some time out of your schedule every day and enjoy this activity which will lead you to contentment. Download any of these apps and get going. But first, take a deep breath!

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