How to type any Indian languages using Google Transliteration IME?

Google offers a free transliteration tool, that lets you type in your native language. It supports 22 Indian languages including Arabic. With this tool you can easily update your status, preparing documents, emails and so on in your mother tongue. The main advantage of this tool is it doesn’t need an internet connection and it suggests for spellings while typing.

Installation & Configuration

  • Go to Google IME home page.
  • Select your preferred language and download.
  • After installation go to Control panelRegional and Language OptionsLanguages(tab)→ Details(button) → click Languages Bar button then check Show the language bar on the desktop.

  • To enable Hot keys click Key Settings→ click Change Key Sequence button.
  • Select option like Left ALT + SHIFT + Key 1.
  • Apply all changes.
  • Now open Notepad and press your key sequence, a status message will appear on your desktop(see screenshot).

Do let us know if you face any problem while installing. I’ll help you if you have any trouble. 🙂


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